Setting up Pre Purchase Upsell app in your store is incomplete without making personalized customizations. Once you tap on the “Create Campaign” button available on the top right side of the app, a new window (like below) will appear before you.

Customizable sections like Offer, Products, Urgency, Content, Design, Targeting, and Campaign are available on the left side of the screen, and on the right, you can have a preview of the app.

Let’s start with each section one by one!


The first section available in the “Pre Purchase Upsell” is Offer. Here you can specify the kind of Pre Purchase- whether Upsell or Cross-Sell you wish to enable in your store.

Simply click on one offer that you wish to enable in your store. Here we have selected the ‘Cross Sell’ offer.


The next step in the offer section is adding products to the pre-purchase upsell app. Here you’ll have to select products on which you want to display this offer and then select the recommended products to be shown in the Cross-Sell offer.

Under the “Target Products” you can choose all or specific products or collections for cross-selling. Under the “Recommended Products” select the products you want to show in this offer.

On the right side, you can have a preview of the same.


Under the Urgency section, you can grab visitors’ attention and create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) which will eventually improve the revenue of your store.

You can create urgency by showing discounts or using a countdown timer in the offer. There are two ways to show discounts- fixed or percentage and then enter the discount percentage or fixed value in the given space.

Under the Countdown, you can add a timer and content to be applied to the offer.


This section will allow you to add elegant text that will drive your customers towards the offer.

Under this section, you can add subtle lines for the main heading, action button, and checkout button. Though default content is offered in the sections but you can change the same that appeals to your brand.


XOOT allows you to customize the design of buttons, heading, title, prices tag, and even Xoot branding.

You can modify all the options by adding vibrant colors, changing font size and weight, and even adding borders to the buttons - all this without the need for coding skills.


This option allows you to set advanced customizations related to the offer. You can target a certain audience based on the device (mobile, desktop, or both) and on specific countries.


Set multiple campaigns of the Pre Purchase Upsell app on a daily or on a specific date(s).

You can set their priorities by numbering the most important ones in the highest order.

Once you have made all the desired modifications, simply click on the “Save” button to preview changes and the “Save & Publish” button to enable the changes in your store.

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