With the global widespread of Covid-19 pandemic, many stores faced issues related to their purchases. Stores revenues decreased, profits reduced, and many more troubles were faced by the online merchants.

Keeping all these things in mind, Xoot came into existence to help such customers. With the objective of delivering more than 40 Shopify apps, over 25+ apps have already been delivered to the customers.

Each app is powered with multiple customization features and advanced setting options to give a better experience to the merchants.

Plus, all the apps are completely free with a single point of contact for all. You might be why it's free? Because being free gives merchants a chance to boost their sales and improve their store's performance that has been decreased in the past two years.

Secondly, being free allows you to explore our app without any stress of payment. You can try our app features, services, and then decide whether you wish to stay or not.

Overall, it gives us a chance to improve our apps and bring better and efficient shopping behaviour for your valuable customers.

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