As a Shopify merchant, increasing your store revenue is your primary objective. If you are a newbie on Xoot or plan to explore more about the app, then we heartedly welcome you!

From the list of our powerful 25+ apps, here are some of them that can dramatically boost your revenue overnight:

  • Frequently Bought Together:

    The apps allow merchants to create an automatic or manual product bundle (like Amazon) based on the shopping behaviour of an individual. Since the viewed product bundles are created and an attractive discount is offered, customers get more engaged than ever. Beautifying its design and layout capture more leads and turn them into valuable customers.

  • Post-Purchase Upsell:

    Create an engaging shopping experience by providing a lucrative discount/offer once an item has been purchased by a customer. Show timer to create urgency and built FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among customers; thus pushing them to make another purchase from your store. Eye-catchy effects and designs make it more appealing and customers won't be able to resist themselves.

  • Free Shipping Bar:

    The Free Shipping Bar in Xoot helps merchants to increase their revenue by displaying an elegant free shipping banner in their store. Available with multiple themes, templates, designs, and comprehensive options like geolocation and device target, campaigns, etc. makes it easier to drive customers to the checkout page.

  • Stock Scarcity:

    Employ FOMO and boost revenue using Stock Scarcity. Display a warning message "Hurry! Only 11 items are left in stock" on scarce, limited, and rare purchasable items. A human mind always pushes towards something that is rare; hence seems to be unique. With our app, display such information in a clear, accurate, and persuasive way and boost sales.

  • Countdown Bar:

    Countdown Bar is the best way to build FOMO among visitors and improve the store's revenue rate. When you show a limited time offer, visitors are converted at a much pace because they don't want to miss the offer or product. The app provides splendid templates, advanced designing options, geolocation targeting features, and a lot more. The "Shop Now" button gives ease to place orders before the time expires. Set the bar for forever or for a short duration and boost your sales.

  • Announcement Bar:

    A smart bar that effectively displays a message about news, offers, deals, promotions, etc. and quickly attracts customers. Impress them by showcasing an elegant message in an eye-catchy template. Add colours, background patterns, devices, pages on which the bar will display, and a lot more in simple steps.

  • Target a URL Bar:

    Drive traffic to a specific page of your website and smartly boost revenue. The customizable pre-loaded templates fit seamlessly well with the design of your store theme and grab visitors attention in a glimpse. To understand more about it, visit our Help Center.

  • Countdown Timer:

    When you plan to improve your store's revenue, don't miss adding "Countdown Timer" in your store. The app shows a limited time offer on your defined products and builds urgency to quickly buy them. Employing such FOMO will dramatically boost sales. Further, adding vibrant templates, impressive heading, and eye-catchy designs increases the chances of conversion.

That's not it! Here are some of our upcoming apps that can be helpful to boost your store's revenue and increase sales:

  • Pre-Purchase Upsell

  • Incart Upsell

  • Pre Orders

  • Quantity Discount

Now, you know which apps can be useful in boosting revenue, hence all you require is enabling them in your store. You can visit our Help Center or talk to our support team to enable and further customize the app(s).

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