Customers that complete an order that partially covers an existing promotion will get to see a Post Purchase widget in their Thank You screen.

Once a customer has purchased a product, he will be offered some recommended products that go with his recent purchase.

Preview Post Purchase Upsell

Now, if you wish to preview Post Purchase Upsell in your store, you’ll be required to follow some necessary steps and here they are:

  • Navigate to your Shopify admin page and here click on “Orders”. Here, select the order against which you wish to preview the Post Purchase Upsell.

  • Now, scroll to “More actions” and click on “View Order Status Page” from the drop-down menu list.

Tapping here will open the “Thank You Page” of the customer and you can have a preview of the Post Purchase Upsell.

In such a similar way, you can preview the Post Purchase Upsell app for various orders placed through your store.

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