Back in the day, there was no easy way to watch the product images quickly. You needed to search for the product and then click on it to view its images and details. This was quite troublesome for customers and they simply decide to leave the store.

But, now with the help of Quick View, they can instantly view the images and details related to a product. To improve the merchant experience, XOOT has added this app into its 25+ apps package.

Let’s learn how you can set up Quick View in XOOT!

Steps to set up Quick View

To enable the Quick View app in your Xoot store, you will be required to follow some basic steps. These steps are shown as below:

  • From the dashboard, search for Quick View in the “Search” box or navigate to the “Boost Conversion” section and click on the app.

  • Once you click on the app, a new screen will appear before you. Here, tap on the red colour button given on the left side of the screen (next to App is Disabled}.

Clicking on the button will change its colour to green; hence proving the Quick View app has been enabled in your store.

Using the customizable features available in Xoot, you change its icon, text, position, design, and can even integrate other Xoot apps like Payment Badges, Countdown Timer, Trust Badges, Size Chart, Stock Scarcity, etc. in the Quick View app.

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