XOOT’s Geolocation Redirect app is built to help merchants in redirecting visitors from one version of the store to another.

Now, let’s understand how you can enable this app in your store!

Steps to enable Geolocation App in your store:

  • From the dashboard, search for Geolocation App in the “Search” box or navigate to the “Protect Store” section and click on the app.

  • Once you tap on the window, a new screen will appear before you. Here, click on the “Create a Rule” button and the app will be instantly enabled in your store. Now, you start functioning the app, you will be required to set redirection rules.

Using the app the merchant can choose whether to redirect the visitors to an exact URL path (like the homepage) or to the same URL they've visited (from xoot.io/shop/products/awesome-product to store.fr/products/awesome-product) - keeping in mind that for the latter option, you'll need to make sure both stores follow the same URL structure.

Note: Don't block visitors from certain countries by redirecting them to google.com or to another 3rd-party website as this goes against Google Ads' policy on cloaking and you risk having your store suspended. The recommended solution is to exclude these countries from your shipping profiles.

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