Using the Image ALT Attributes you can help Google image search find your store and your products. Enhancing your store’s SEO is not always a simple process, as the algorithms behind web crawlers like Google are very complex and changeable.

However, there are a few methods to help improve your Search Engine Optimization ranking, and adding Image ALT Attributes to your product images and collections is one of them.

With the XOOT’s Image ALT Attributes app, you will be able to optimize all of your product and collection images automatically. You can add helpful shortcodes or tags like your store's name, along with the product's title or vendor, so that it contains the most relevant information and helps get the images indexed easier.

Let’s understand how you can enable the app in your store!

Steps to enable Image ALT Attributes in your store:

  • From the dashboard, search for Image ALT Attributes in the “Search” box or navigate to the “Boost Conversion” section and click on the app.

  • Once you tap on the window, a new screen will appear before you. Here, click on the “Enable this App” button and the app will be instantly enabled in your store.

Please keep in mind that if you're adding new products to your Shopify store, the Image ALT Attributes will not need to be manually updated. As long as the app is enabled, the tags will be automatically added to your new products!

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