Perhaps, Size Chart is a must app for an eCommerce store dealing with clothes and apparel. Using Xoot's Size Chart you not only guide customers about their size fit but also help them in measuring their fit using a measuring tape.

Now, let’s learn how you can set up a size chart in your store!

Steps to Set Up Size Chart in Xoot

To enable Size Chart in your store, follow the below steps and take help from the attached screenshots:

  • From the dashboard, search for Size Chart in the “Search” box or navigate to the “Boost Conversion” section and click on the app.

  • Once you click on the app, a new window will appear before you. Here, simply click on “Create Chart” to create your first Size Chart.

Once you click on the button, your size chart will be enabled. Now, you just have to make further modifications to your app.

You can choose a pre-designed template or make a size chart from scratch, add content, upload image, change its layout, create campaigns, etc. in the app.

Let’s have a broader look at them!

Trigger Button:

It displays features like hiding or unhiding size chart icon, setting an eye-catchy icon, adding a button text, and selecting a vibrant colour for the same.


The layout option allows the customers to choose the way in which they which to display their Size Chart. You can choose the desired layout and hide/unhide XOOT Branding from the chart.


The next feature given by XOOT in its Size Chart app is “Content”, where they can write splendid measurement content against a product. But before writing content, make sure to choose an image or upload a new one that matches your requirement.

Set a pop-up heading, image heading, and write content against your product. The screen on the right will show a preview of your changes.


Don’t forget your size chart needs measurable data as well. This data should be in the form of rows and columns. Using the table, you can create multiple columns and rows and can even change the unit conversion.


Visibility is an advanced feature offered by XOOT to its customers. Using this feature, you can choose where you wish to make the Size Chart visible.

You can show your created size fit for specific products, particular collections, or even for all.


Campaigns allow one to set the priority of your size chart. Name your campaign and set its priority.

Please Note: Campaigns with the highest priority (highest number) will be considered first!

Once all the changes have been made, simply click on the Save & Publish button given on the top right side of the window.

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