According to GDPR policy, it’s important to obtain consent from EU customers and to do the same, Agree to T&C’s checkbox is really helpful. Though Xoot offers the best position to this app, however, you can easily shift or modify its position.

To change the position of the checkbox, you can take help from the below section.

Steps to change the position of Agree to Terms & Conditions Checkbox

If you wish to change the "Agree to Terms Checkbox" position, then simply follow the below steps- (take help from screenshots to make the process quick and easy)

Step 1: From your online admin, go to Online Stores > Themes

Step 2: Now, click on the “Edit Code” option under Actions drop-down list.

Step 3: Search cart-template.liquid. In few themes, cart-template is missing so in that case search cart.liquid

Step 4: Here, add the below code in cart-template.liquid or cart.liquid file at the desired position and click Save.

<div class="xoot_agree_terms_box"></div>

You can enable the changes in your store by tapping on the Save button and instantly changes will be applicable to your store.

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