Watch the video and learn how to enable and customize ATC button animation in Xoot 👇

As the name says, the ATC Button Animation, adds eye-catchy animation to the Add to Cart button on page load or on mouse hover. It lets your ATC button stand out by adding a subtle animation- a perfect way to boost sales.

Further, you can fully customize the ATC button animation and set its trigger (either on mouse hover or on page load).

Xoot offers multiple animation styles to its customers; hence no requirement for coding or development skills. Once the app is enabled in your store, all the ATC buttons will display the saved animation. You can even set the animation in a loop (continuously displaying animation) or just for once.

A box in the app will give you a glimpse of how the ATC button will look on your store after you have set the animation and don’t forget to publish the changes by tapping on the Save button.

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