Connecting with a potential customer and solving his query on time can give fruitful results. It not only built trust but also offer them the required solution in time; thus enabling a splendid shopping experience.

You must use the WhatsApp chat button in your store to allow your customers to instantly connect with you.

Using this popular and most-used platform, you give flexibility and freedom to customers to inquire about a product at any time.

Why should you use the WhatsApp Chat button?

Today, Whatsapp chat has over 2 billion monthly active users. It’s convenient as many customers already have access to this feature and feel comfortable while using it.

WhatsApp chat makes customer service more personalized and efficient than ever by enabling direct communication between customers and merchants.

Using this feature, you can send order details like confirmation, shipping, refund, etc., and even buyers can track their placed order from their fingertips.

Here are some of the features of Xoot’s WhatsApp Chat app:

  • Live Button

  • Customizable multiple agents

  • Automated message templates

  • Manual message templates

  • 100% customization features- change in icon color, font style, button text, position, etc.

  • Geolocation Targeting

  • Supports several numbers

  • Multiple chat button designs, and much more!

Steps to set up Whatsapp Chat

Here’s how to enable the Whatsapp chat app in your store:

  1. Under the Boost Conversion section, find and tap on the “WhatsApp Chat” app. You can also use the search box available in the dashboard.

  2. Once you click on the app, a new window will appear. Here tap on the “Enable this App” button.

Once you tap on this button, the app will start working. Now you can make further customizations under “Chat Widgets” and “Chat Agents”.

Let’s have a one-by-one look at both these features!

Manage Chat Widgets

Tap on the Customize App button to customize your WhatsApp chat app. Choose button style, modify greeting and help text, display an offline message, change colors, set its delay time, and even specify the devices, countries, and pages where you wish to display this chat button.

Once all the information has been updated, view a preview on the right screen and enable the changes by clicking on the “Save” button.

Manage Chat Agents

Under Manage Chat Agents customize your store’s executives. Create multiple chat agents, name each one of them, upload their pictures, set their timings, and mention their job role in the Create Agent section.

Publish the settings by tapping on the “save” button.

Enable the Whatsapp Chat now and explore more features!

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