Be it informing your visitors about promotions or updates, capturing their attention, offering a discount, increasing their trust, and even making a special announcement, the Announcement Bars app can do it all - and all is done with just a simple text.

An announcement Bar is a simple yet powerful static Smart Bar that will display the desired text. This can be specifically useful if you want to inform customers of some promotions, shipping delays, etc.

Set Up Announcement Bar

Setting up an Announcement Bar on your store starts with just a single click where one has to only set up a campaign. Once you do so, relax and wait for the results. 🙂

Clicking on the Announcement Bar will open a new window displaying “Smart Bars” and some of these include:

  • Countdown Bar

  • Email Collection Bar

  • Target a URL Bar

Watch the below live tutorial 👇 and learn how to set up and customize Announcement Bar:

Also, you can add icons or symbols into the announcement bar by searching and copying the relevant icons from Google and pasting the same in the content field.

Happy Selling!

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