The countdown bar is an important tool to boost revenue in your store. Through Xoot’s Countdown bar you can easily display multiple bars for various locations and draw visitors towards making a purchase.

Here are some of the key highlights of Xoot’s Countdown Bar;

  • This app is fully customizable to fit your existing store theme.

  • Highly responsive and works perfectly well across desktops, phones, or tablets.

  • It’s super easy to get started with the app. Just with a single click, engage customers in your store.

  • Call-To-Action button on the bar that will take the user to any page you like with a click.

  • Add beautiful templates and patterns to your bar to engage customers even more. Choose from our wide selection of customizable options.

  • No daunting tasks (coding or development skills) are required.

Countdown Bar by Xoot makes all such daunting tasks ridiculously easy and allows you to create and customize your desired bar in a minute; with no coding skills.

Let’s begin and learn how to set up a countdown bar!

Steps to enable Countdown Bar

Just like other apps, Countdown Bar is pre-installed in Xoot. Hence, you don’t require to follow any steps to enable it, however, you’ll be required to set your campaign to let it work.

Watch the below video to set a campaign in Countdown Bar:

No doubt, Xoot’s Countdown bar is a beneficial Smart Bar if you're running special, limited-time promotions, which will display the countdown until the offer expires to create urgency.

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