Xoot helps Shopify merchants to protect their stores' data like content, images, descriptions, etc. from malicious people by:

  • Disabling the right-click

  • Disable text selection with keyword or mouse

  • Disabling shortcuts like:

Ctrl + a
Ctrl + s
Ctrl + c
Ctrl + p
Ctrl + u
  • Disabling inspecting tools using keyboard or mouse

  • Disabling Dragging and dropping options on text or images

You will still be able to do all of the above as long as you enable the option to "remove all the above options when you are logged in as Shopify Admin.”

Let’s understand the steps required to enable a content protection app.

Steps to Set Up the Content Protection App

Here are the steps to enable the Content Protection app in Xoot:

  • Click on the “Content Protection” under the Protect Store category or search the same using the Search Box.

  • Once you tap on the app, a new window will appear. Here, click on the “Enable this App” button.

Once you tap on the button, your store will have protection against malicious people stealing your content. However, please note that having this app doesn’t guarantee full-proof protection. Unfortunately, many developers can still copy your content using various tools.

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