Having a bundle of Frequently Bought Together Products allows a merchant to showcase sections on your product page. It not only improves the Average Order Value (AOV) but also serves as an excellent way of displaying and promoting more of your products.

Think of it as an easy way of cross-selling and giving a lot more visibility to your products that your customers would otherwise not so easily find.

Xoot allows its customer to modify the app, include/exclude the products, change the design, and even change the position of the app. So, let’s proceed and understand how to set up the Frequently Bought Together app on Xoot.

How to enable Frequently Bought Together in your store?

The moment you install Xoot, you’ll get pre-installed 20+ apps in your store along with frequently bought together. Enabling or Disabling any app in Xoot requires one to follow a simple method and complete information on the same is as below.

Steps to enable Frequently Bought Together in Xoot:

Step 1: From the Dashboard, click on Frequently Bought Together under the Boost Revenue option or else search for the same using the “Search” box.

Step 2: Once you click on the app, a new window will appear. Here, tap on the “Enable this App” button.

Right away, the moment you enable the app, it will start working on your product page without requiring any additional settings.

However, there are still a few things you can customize from the general settings of the app, such as the title of the heading, its position, whether to show or not the variants selector and the ATC button, and, most important, the products selection- where you can exclude certain products from the list.

Create Automatic Bundle - automatically creates bundles based on an algorithm that predicts the most related products based on the shopper’s shopping behavior.

  • Create Manual Bundle - manually create bundles to target certain products and set their discounted price.

  • Monitor the Frequently Bought Together impressions along with revenue, orders, and clicks.

Additionally, you can make many more changes and customizations to the app; depending on your needs. In case, you need any assistance in regards to the app, kindly contact our support team.

Happy Selling!

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