Through Xoot you can change the order of Payment badges in your Shopify store. To achieve the same, follow the below step-by-step guide:

  1. Once you have enabled the Payment Badge in Xoot, navigate to the “Badge” section.

  2. Under this section, click on the “select badges” button. A new window will appear before you where you can add or remove badges.

  3. In this window, tap on the “click here” link.

  4. Once you tap on the link, a side window will prompt out which will allow you to change the order of current Payment Badges.

  5. Press and Hover the mouse over the arrow and move up and down to change the order of the badges.

Once you have finished editing and have placed the badges in the desired order, click on the “Apply” button (on the bottom side) and enable the changes by pressing the “save” button.

Ultimately, desired changes will be instantly applied to your Shopify store.

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