Just like other apps, XOOT allows its customers to customize or modify the Cart Reserved Timer in simple and easy ways. Along with having no unique setup requirement, you can smoothly customize it to fit your store’s design.

Customization options under XOOT’s Cart Reserved Timer-

Multiple customization options are offered under this application which are user-friendly and easy to access. Below are the possible modifications in XOOT’s Cart Reserved Timer:

  • Changing or Adding Cart Reserved Timer Icon

To change the 🔥 icon, jump to the Cart Reserved Timer app, and from the Settings option, select the desired icon to be displayed on the CRT app. Once you have selected the desired icon, tap on the “Save” button.

  • Changing color of Cart Reserved Timer app

To change the color of the application, navigate to the Cart Reserved Timer page. Below the icons, you can view options to change background, text, and countdown color.

Press the colored box and make changes as desired.

  • Changing Countdown time of Cart Reserved Timer app

To display a different countdown time than the default one, i.e. 10 min, choose the “countdown time (minutes) option from the Cart Reserved Timer Settings. Use the drop-down button to add the time in minutes you wish to apply.

  • Changing Heading and Timer text of Cart Reserved Timer app

To change the default heading or the timer text of the Cart Reserved Timer app, scroll to the app. Under the settings option, look for the “Heading” and “Text timer” options.

Here, you can change the default content and add other catchy lines. You can also use the Emojis using the emoji symbol. A preview of your content will display below.

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