Beautifying your email collection bar is highly important as chances of getting new leads increase if the bar is attractive and eye-catchy.

Customize Email Collection Bar

Hence, to beautify the email collection bar, you can use the below customization options:

  • Tap on the “Create Campaign’’ button under the Email Collection Bar.

  • A new window, like below, will appear before you. This is the place where all your customizations will take place.

Eight different sections will be shown here, namely:










  • Since your goal is to collect email addresses from your visitors, hence collect emails will be pre-chosen by the application. (Depending on your requirement you can choose this too)


  • Under the Content section, you can either keep the default email collection bar content or can change it as your like. Submit or Action button content can also be modified to something new. By clicking on the “Add GDPR Compliance”, you can even add the Privacy Policy link.

Below are the customization options available on the Email Collection Bar-


  • Next comes the templates, where one can change and keep the new template for this smart bar. Multiple pre-built templates are offered in XOOT which are related to popular events and festival vibes. Simply select the one that you would like to display.


  • The design section allows you to change the appearance of the email collection bar by using classic background and font colors, elegant background patterns, and making a beautifying design of the action button.


  • Below the Design section is the Settings section where one can change the position and display time of the email collection bar, Along with this, a Shopify merchant can select whether a visitor can hide this button or not.


  • Targeting allows its users to display this smart bar on certain devices, in specific countries, and even for specific pages.


  • To change the message content once a visitor has subscribed to your emailing list, use the Conversion section. Here you can change the after-submission content by writing in the given custom message area or can even redirect the user to a new URL.


  • The Campaign section allows you to set single or multiple email collection bar campaigns. You can rename each of the campaigns and set the campaign priority, assign specific dates or run them on daily basis.
    Note: The campaign with high priority will display on your front store.

Once all the desired changes have been made, click on the “Save & Publish” button to enable the changes promptly in your store.

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