To have no more messy and unorganized pages, you can opt for the XOOT #1 Shopify product description tabs app. Further, if your descriptions are long and lengthy and spread across the page, you might consider upgrading your descriptions to tabbed ones.

In such a way, you’ll not only keep the page clean but will also keep your customers focused on a specific part of the product description.

There are two different types of tabs available in XOOT:

  1. Dynamic tabs (Accordion) - These tabs work on an Automatic mechanism and create bundles based on customers interaction.

  2. Static Tabs - These tabs allow merchants to manually set their tabs for all or specific products.

Now let’s discuss how to add product description tabs in Xoot!

Steps to set up Product Description Tabs

Once you have installed or enabled XOOT in your store, you can easily enable/disable, or even customize product description tabs by following the below steps:

  • From the “Search” button, search for Product Description Tabs or choose the same from the Boost Conversion category of your dashboard.

  • Now, tap on the “Product Description Tabs” and click on the “Enable” button. (given on the right side of the screen; refer to screenshot)

  • Clicking on the button will enable the product description tabs in your Shopify store.

Now, you can change the settings of the tabs, customize them, and can even change their design with different colors, sizes, and weights.

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