XOOT’s free shipping bar is fully customizable and also offers a wide range of features, themes, and layouts to attract more customers.

Here’s how to customize a free shipping bar in XOOT:

Clicking on the “Free Shipping Bar” will promptly open a new window with various features including goal, design, templates, settings, target location, etc.

Let’s begin and understand them one by one!


  • From the “goal” segment, set your goal amount. Orders above this amount will be available for free shipping. (eg. Rs. 1999; Free Shipping on orders above Rs. 1999) By default the goal value is Rs. 100 however, you can change it as desired.

Please Note: Before setting a goal in Xoot, make sure to set up shipping rates in Shopify's "Shipping and Delivery" option.


  • Once you have set the amount, it’s time to write a catchy line under the Message section - for the initial message, progress, and when the goal amount is achieved. The default message can be changed to anything more appealing or even you go ahead with the same. You can even enable or disable the button or can modify its message.


  • Following the message, comes the Templates section. Choose one from over 20 templates that matches your store’s theme or upcoming festival vibe.


  • Under the Design section, modify the appearance of the bar and customize the action button with colors, patterns, and animations.


  • To change the position and display time of the Free Shipping Bar, jump to the “Settings” section. Choose the shipping bar opening animation and set the initial delay time. You can also allow visitors to hide this free shipping bar.


  • Next comes the “Targeting” section where you can choose the device-mobile, desktop, or even both for showing this free shipping bar. You can hide this bar from certain pages as well using the “Excluded Pages” feature and you can specify the country to show this bar.


  • The Campaign allows you to automatically initiate the shipping bar during events or festivals. You can run multiple free shipping bars & can specify the dates when you wish to show them.

Lastly, don’t forget to click on the “Save and publish” button. Therefore following these steps you can customize the Free Shipping Bar in XOOT.

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