In the XOOT’s bucket of powerful 20 Shopify apps, a free shipping bar is an integral and highly opted app. It allows users to show an elegantly designed bar offering free shipping.

Using this bar, one can attract more customers, increase conversion, and ultimately boost sales.

To ease the configuration process and to give a smoother experience to Shopify merchants, the free shipping bar is pre-installed in XOOT. The merchant has to only customize the app following designs, layouts, content, and target location.

Steps to enable a free Shipping bar in Xoot-

  • From your XOOT’s dashboard, find “Free Shipping Bar” under the Boost Revenue category or you can search in the “Search” box.

  • Then, tap on the “Create Campaign” button and a new window will appear before you. Here you can make all the desired changes related to your free shipping bar.

  • This page allows you to set a target price for free shipping, display messages, choose templates based on upcoming events or store themes, set position, and much more. (Take reference from below screenshot)

In this window, you can make changes you wish to apply to your store but, don’t forget to hit the “Save and Publish” button once all the information is updated.

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