Customizing the appearance of the Sales Pop Notifications is highly important and is a big part of capturing customer’s attention. Therefore, we offer a wide range of holiday templates, elegant designs, and gradient layouts.

Steps to customize the appearance of Sales Pop:

Pop Types:

The initial part in making customization is to enable the desired Sales Pop Notification or either choose both from the “Pop Types” category.


Once chosen, jump to the “templates” category displaying on the same screen. (on the left side of the page)

Here you can view multiple holiday templates and layouts. You can choose one by clicking on the circle provided below the template.


Now, navigate to the “Design” category just below the Templates segment. Here choose the size, style, color, and set animation for your Sales Pop.


From the Settings category, you can make advanced customizations like set pop timing, translation of the content, and can even set the text length.


Under the filter category exclude sales pop from certain orders or pages, or set other vital rules for Sales pop.

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Once you have made customizations, click on the “save” button and your changes will be applied to your store.

Happy Selling!

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