Once the Quick View app is enabled in your Shopify store, you can automatically translate the content of the product with GTranslate. Further, the feature allows shoppers to quickly view the product description and other details in their local language.

Integrated with around 100 available languages, your store becomes multilingual, removing all languages barriers and smoothly connects with all kinds of shoppers.

Some of the features of GTranslate:

  • Cross-Language Barriers

  • Showcase products in customers’ native language

  • Over 100+ languages are available in GTranslate

  • Easy to install

  • Simple and affordable programmatic interface

  • Auto-detect shopper language

Do you wish to take advantage of all these features? Then, read the below section.

Integrate Quick View with GTranslate

To allow users to seamlessly view products into their language, you can easily integrate GTranslate by following the below steps in your Shopify store:

Step 1: Jump to the “Themes” under the Online Store.

Step 2: From the Actions drop-down arrow, click on the “Edit Code.”

Step 3: Search the product item in the grid. (name of the file may vary)

Step 4: Search product.url in the code window. (take reference from the below screenshot)

Step 5: Paste the below code attribute in "<a" like in the example:

data-href-original={{ product.url }}

Step 6: Finally, “save” the file.

Once you click on the save button, the changes will be instantly made in your store.

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