Product description tabs allow the merchants to upgrade the style and design of product descriptions to vibrant tabs. Once the app is enabled in your store, you can easily integrate the same with your custom product template.

Steps to Integrate Product Description Tabs with custom product template-

If you wish to configure the Product description tab in your product template, then use the following steps to have the PDT app in your store:

Step 1: From the Online Store tab, click on the “Themes” option.

Step 2: Following the same, click on the “Edit Code” option.

Step 3: Now, search "product" in the search field. Open the product template file that is applied to the present theme.

Step 4: Find "{{ product.description }}" in the file and replace it with the below code:

<div class='xoot-product-description-tabs'> {% render 'xoot-product-description-tabs', product: product %}</div>

Once you have replaced the code, tap on the “save” button and changes will be instantly made to your store.

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