Well, many times during certain product shortages or planning to drive customers to a specific category, allow Shopify merchants to hide a certain product.

Unlike excluding orders, a merchant hides a particular product like winter dresses, scarfs, shoes, women's watches, etc. from its visitors.

If you also wish to exclude a specific product from XOOT’s Sales Pop, then follow the below instructions or watch the above video:

Step 1: Firstly, enable the Sales Pop Notifications. Then, jump to the “Filter” category.

Step 2: From here, under Exclude Products a button for “Select Products” will be displaying. Simply tap on this button and choose order/s which you wish to exclude from sales Pop notifications.

Click on symbol next to your desired product and then click on the “Continue with selected products” button.

Step 3: Now, your product will be excluded from the Sales Pop. Finally, to save the changes, tap on the “Save” button.

Later on, if you wish to include these products from Sales Pop notifications, continue the same process and when the last window will appear, click on “Remove All” or use the 🗑 button next to the product.

Then, click on the “Continue with selected products” button and save the changes.

This is how you'll be able to hide or exclude specific product(s) from the Sales Pop app.

Happy Selling!

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