Quite a few apps in XOOT use geolocation and the cookie bar is one of such. It ensures that you are in compliance with the GDPR European cookie law.

But, what if instead of all locations, you only wish to show the cookie bar in Europe? Well, that can also be possible through XOOT.

Let’s see how!

Show Cookie Bar in EU Server:

In order to show cookie bar in EU server only, you are required to follow two basic steps in XOOT and these steps are given as below:

Step 1: Enable

  • In XOOT, search and scroll to Cookie Bar.

  • Scroll down to the Show cookie bar in Europe only & Enable this option by pressing the below button.

Step 2: Save

  • Once the button turns to ‘green’, click on the “Save” button.

Following these two simple steps, you can show the cookie bar in Europe only.

Happy Selling!

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