When it comes to selling to different locations, there are two different ways to do so:

  1. Target all countries

  2. Target specific countries only.

Our Geolocation Target helps Shopify merchants to show certain apps like Free Shipping Bar, WhatsApp Chat, Announcement Bar, Countdown Bar, Email Collection Bar, etc. to specific countries only.

Consider an example: A Shopify merchant named Adam Smith has a store in Canada. He is also settled in the same country and due to his quick approach to the area, he wishes to deliver products with free shipping charges.

He wants a free shipping bar that would only target Canada and its surroundings. Unfortunately, that feature is hard to find and, if found, its quite expensive, but with Xoot, he can place the bar specifically for Canada using simple yet effective steps.

Steps to setup geolocation target for specific countries:

Watch the above live preview or follow the below steps to specify certain countries for displaying apps:

Step 1: Open & Enable the app in which you wish to specify the Geolocation target e.g. Free Shipping Bar. Now, tap on the “Targeting” section from Sidebar.

Step 2: Under the Targeting section, click on the “Geolocation Target” button.

Step 3: Here, choose the “Specific countries” button to display the bar to a particular location.

Step 4: Now, select desired countries from the drop-down list. (Here, I’m choosing Canada)

Step 5: Once selected, enable the changes by clicking on the “Save” button.

Please Note: You can choose multiple countries as well!

Happy Selling!

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