In simple words, Priority Support is a term for faster customer care responses that you won't get in any support facilities.

Unlike regular support services where a customer has to wait for a longer period to clear doubts or manage technical issues, this feature allows them to quickly and smoothly solve the problem.

How does Priority Support help?

Priority support saves your time in solving any difficulty; hence allowing you to invest more time in your business and make wise decisions.

If you opt for Priority Support, you will receive some additional facilities too, which includes:

  • Your queries will be labeled as Priority and answered promptly

  • Complex issues will be investigated and solved by the elite Customer Care team

  • Weekend support will be enabled

  • Customer Care via phone call will be enabled.

Once you ask for assistance, the XOOT executive will be instantly available. All the queries related to your Shopify store or our product will be smoothly handled via phone.

How can I get Priority Support?

We are offering Priority Support as an Add-on with Xoot subscription plans. You can buy an Add-on with your monthly or yearly subscriptions and enjoy our Priority Support.

What is the cost of Priority Support?

We are charging only $5.00/month for Priority Support.

Why should you take Priority Support?

  • Priority support takes your problem to a highly skilled team. The team will figure out the issues and troubleshoot them within record time. You don't have to waste time following instructions or troubleshooting various issues. Moreover, there will be no need to hire developers or employees to lessen your workload or solve technical difficulties.

  • We have an additional Customer Care team to answer the Priority queries. Your questions will be answered much faster than you expect—no waiting in the queue and wasting time on minor queries. With our fast-track service, you can take the next step quicker.

  • Weekends can be a hassle for you as your problems won't wait for the weekends to end before appearing. But our elite team works on the weekends to ensure your queries are answered, and your problems are solved.

  • Some problems are more complicated than others. You may not be able to explain them on a support ticket, or it might be too urgent to wait. In such situations, our Priority Support Team will back you up with instant Calling Support.

Bottom Line

Regular support services might not fit your complex business. If you want to save time as well as tons of unnecessary trouble, try our Priority Support Add-on. At such a reasonable price, you are going to get a bunch of facilities that will keep you one step ahead all the time.

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