A plethora of review apps are offered in XOOT’s Integration segment and Loox is one of them. If you wish to display Loox reviews in your Shopify store, then here are the steps to integrate the same with Xoot.io:

Step 1: To add Loox to your store, navigate to the “Customize your store” section under the “Apps” category.

Step 2: Install the Loox Reviews app and complete all the required steps to set up this app in your store.

Step 3: In XOOT, jump to the “Integrations” segment and click on the “Configure” button.

Step 4: Tap on the “Save & Enable” button.

Now, Loox reviews will be added to your Shopify store and you can make further modifications as desired. Show specific star ratings only, add colors, and can even enable or disable review count.

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