To accelerate your brand growth with reviews, integrating Stamped reviews in Shopify is a better choice. The cost for downloading Stamped in Shopify is nearly $23 per month or more, however, with XOOT you can avail free review apps along with 19 other apps.

To integrate Stamped reviews in Shopify via XOOT, follow the below necessary steps:

Step 1: Jump to Apps in Shopify Admin.

Step 2: Under this section, click on the “Customize your store” button.

Step 3: Install the app and complete all the required steps to set up this app in your store.

Step 4: Once the review app is installed, navigate to the Settings option.

Step 5: Click on the API Keys option under “Integrations” & copy API Key Public.

Step 6: In the app, jump to the Integrations section and Configure

Step 7: Now paste the copied API Key Public in XOOT’s API Key and click on the “Save & Enable” button.

In such simple steps, the Stamped review app will be configured in your store. Additionally, you can customize the colors and styles matching the review count in XOOT widgets.

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