Ali Reviews is a must-have app for Shopify store owners who run the dropshipping business with AliExpress. XOOT is a dedicated app that allows you to easily import Ali reviews from real customers into your store; attract more shoppers, build social proofs, and get more sales.

Here are the steps to integrate Ali Reviews in Shopify:

  • In your Shopify store, search for Ali reviews in the “Customize your store” button.

  • Search for the “Ali Reviews” app and add the app in your store.

  • Now, jump to the XOOT app and configure the “Ali Reviews” under the integration section.

  • Once configured, click on the “Save and Enable” button.

Once all the above steps have been processed accurately, Ali Reviews will be promptly downloaded in your Shopify store. You can show them in product description tabs too. Search for “Product Description Tabs & FAQs” in the help center.

Happy Selling!

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