Judgeme helps Shopify merchants to display product reviews for their e-commerce store. They can easily showcase product ratings and reviews on Shopify stores with the help of XOOT.

Through XOOT, they can even modify the look and feel of this review tool as they desire.

To integrate Judgeme reviews in XOOT, follow the underneath steps:

  • Navigate to Shopify’s Apps section and search for “Judgme” in the Customize your store section.

  • Once found, install the Judgme app by tapping on the “Add app” button.

  • Once the app has been installed, jump to the XOOT store. Under the “Integrations” sections, find Judgme and configure it.

  • Here, you can make desired customizations like changing color, review count, etc. and tap on the “Save & Enable” button.

Enabling this app will allow Shopify merchants to display their star ratings along with product descriptions.

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