Not every application allows its users to integrate Shopify product reviews in their store. But with XOOT, you can easily integrate the same by following the below steps:

  • Click on “Apps” in your Shopify admin section.

  • Now, hit the “Customize your store” button. (refer to the picture below)

  • Install the Shopify Product Reviews app and complete all the required steps to set up this app in your store.

  • Once installed, jump to the store and configure the Shopify product review app from the ”Integrations” section.

  • The last and final step is to click on the “Save & Enable” button.

Now, Shopify product reviews will be enabled on your Shopify store. Some of the features offered by XOOT under this review tool are:

  • Complete customization at fingertips

  • Change of review count color

  • Enable or disable review count

  • Option to showcase particular star-ratings

Check our Help Center to know more about adding reviews on your Product Description Tabs.

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