Using the price format feature you can change the default format of a currency to your desired one.

For example, you want to show the Euro prices in “150€” format instead of “€150”, then you simply need to change the default format of EUR Currency.

Steps to Change price Format in Shopify

Step 1: Search and click “Currency Converter” in XOOT. Then, scroll down to the Price Format & find the option “Change converted price format of a specific currency.”

(take reference from the below screenshot)

Step 2: Once found, tap on the “Select Currency” & here change the price format according to your need.

  • To change money formats for the price without ISO code:

  • To change money formats for price with ISO code, use the below option:

Step 3: Once all information has been added, click on the “Add” button.

Finally, your new price format against that particular currency will be changed!

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