In some countries due to the unavailability of Shopify payments, multi-currency checkouts do not work and that becomes a big hassle for online merchants.

But, not anymore! We got a perfect solution i.e. Cart Notice.

Prior to checkout, Cart Notice informs your customers of their checkout currency- whether it’s the store’s default currency or another one and provides transparency to them before they place an order.

Additionally, as a merchant, it allows you to earn revenue in your store’s default currency irrespective of the currency displaying to the shopper.

Please Note: The Cart Notice banner will only display if the user's local currency is different from the store's default currency.

Change Cart Notice position

If you wish to change Cart Notice default position, then you can simply follow the below steps in your Shopify store:

Step 1: From your Shopify dashboard, click on the “Online Store” option.

Step 2: Now, tap on the “Themes” button.

Step 3: Here, from the Actions drop-down menu, click on the “Edit Code” option.

Step 4: Following this, search cart-template.liquid and click on the file to edit.

Step 5: Next, copy the below code and paste this code within the form tag.

<div class="xoot_currency_message"></div>

Once you place the code in the desired position, your cart notice banner position will be changed. To enable the changes, click on the “Save” button.

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