Shopify Multi-Currency feature allows customers to checkout & pay in their local currencies. Orders placed using PayPal, or any third-party payment providers are processed in your store's default currency.

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Since you might have an idea about Shopify Payments, we will guide you step-by-step to set up Shopify Multi-Currency.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Payments” tab from Shopify’s Settings.

Step 2: In the Shopify Payments section, click on "Manage" on the top right side of the screen/window.

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Countries/regions” section and click on Add country/region button.

Step 4: Select the desired country or region from the list of supported countries and regions & tap on Add country/region button. (refer below screenshot)

Step 5: Now, Open XOOT and search for Currency Converter or select the same from XOOT’s Dashboard.

Step 6: From the “Shopify Multi-Currency” Section, click on the "Enable" button. Once you click on the button, a message will be displayed- Multi-Currency Integration is enabled.

Hence, following these six yet simple steps, you can enable the Multi-Currency feature in your Shopify store.

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