Changing the store’s default currency is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is visit your Shopify store settings and follow a few steps.

Steps to change store’s default currency-

Below are the key steps to change your Shopify store’s default currency:

Step 1: Click on the “General” tab from Shopify settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Store Currency” section & choose the currency you wish to set as a default one.

Hence, your store currency will change to INR. Similarly, you can follow the same process to set your desired currency in the store.

Why I am not able to select any currency from the dropdown?

Shopify only allows changing the default currency before you've made your first sale. If you've already made your first sale, you need to contact Shopify's support in order to change the default currency.

Why is the name of my default currency not showing in my store?

The price on your Shopify store won’t reflect by default the currency name, such as USD, EUR, etc, even if the format of the currency includes its name.

Generally, the currency format in your store is displayed in the below standard way:

However, the product price does not display the currency name (USD) on the store but will only show the currency’s symbol i.e. $.

If you want to include currency name - USD along with the price like $15.99 USD Sale, then you must make changes in the HTML without currency field under Currency Formatting.

Here, in the “HTML without currency” segment, add “USD” or desired currency name after amount. Doing so will show the product price along with the price name, like:

This option or feature can be used by any Shopify store and the currency converter app will display the currency name along with its symbol, except for stores using Multi-Currency Converter.

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